On land and black prosperity

Apparently one Johan Rupert, chairman of Remgro and direct beneficiary of apartheid thuggery, seeks to know what we, the rightful owners of the land, are going to do with our land once we take it back. With all due respect, the Remgro chairman would be well served if he minded his own business. This is a family matter.


Compatriots, in an ideal society, when a group of white farmers ‘donate’ water in excess of 10 billion litres to a metropolitan municipality from their ‘private dams’, that society ought to panic. If they can afford to ‘donate’ water, a precious natural resource that everyone should have access to, no matter their social hierarchy, then how much more water do they have stored away? In fact, what other resources do they ‘own’ that we do not know about? What am I referring to? Dear reader, allow me to clarify.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, a group of white farmers in Grabouw in the Western Cape going by the name of Groenland Water Users Association decided to ‘donate’ 10 million cubic metres of water to the City of Cape Town. That translates to 10 billion litres of water that has been sitting in private hands while the ‘great masses of our people’ suffered from drought and hunger. This is really mind-boggling.

Unfortunately, there are some among us who honestly believe we are making a mountain out of a molehill when we ask these questions. Even some of my people came to the defense of the farmers when questions were asked about how a few individuals came to intercept water from our rivers and direct it to their ‘private dams’. That is certainly a crime, for they are denying their fellow man a right to a precious natural resource. These, who are my people, in their wisdom asked if white farmers could build their own ‘private’ dams why couldn’t their black colleagues do the same? From this misguided reasoning, it is clear that some of our people think a dam is the same thing as a small reservoir found in villages and farms. But let us say for a moment I concede their point and entertain their skewed logic. In which land will black farmers erect their own ‘private dams’?

At times to be certificated, instead of being educated, is a major problem. We live among people who are certificated even though in their heads they are the most educated and therefore smartest people under the sun. I have had the misfortune of encountering such individuals. They have attended some of the most prestigious schools and universities in the country and abroad. If you paged through their resumes you would indeed come to think and believe that these people are truly gifted. Engage them, read their articles published on national newspapers and magazines, or simply talk to them and you would be greatly disappointed. Once again, unfortunately, some of these people are my kith and kin. They are of African descent. With their fancy degrees and diplomas piled so high as if to make up for some deficiency, when others spent their time in school accumulating education and knowledge, this group squandered their time collecting certificates for class and status. It is for this reason they find it peculiar and upsetting when questions are asked about vast amounts of water being in private hands. In their heads, it is okay for individuals to hijack water flowing from our rivers and keep it for themselves. This bunch of certificated lotharios with the mental faculties of a mosquito are graduates of the same school of thought that reckons our land is safe in the hands of the minority, because we as the black race can never be trusted to govern ourselves. We always, at all times, need a supervisor to ensure that we behave; an overlord to look after us like a group of animals lest we begin to feast on each other, and no one is more deserving of the title of lordship over Africans than the white man.

South Africa is a country built on racism, exploitation, oppression, murder and more devastating, the constant and sophisticated assertion that Africans are intellectually inferior. It is therefore not surprising that in 2018, even with three university qualifications Africans still answer to a white man who barely made it past Grade 4. Thus, while it is disappointing and sad to witness some blacks always defending exploitation and oppression of their fellow Africans, hiding behind superficial and shallow arguments such as the rainbow nation and non-racialism, it is no longer astonishing to hear them speak this way, for deep in their psyche reverberates the racist intonation: ‘your race is inferior.’

Now that the problem has been identified, dear reader, the question arises: what is to be done? The question to South Africa’s inequality and denigration of black people can be reduced to a single solution: the land programme. The return of land to its rightful owners, that being the black majority of this country, will immediately see the arrogance and disrespect that Africans have to contend with daily dissipate. That simple? Yes, it is that simple. Land ownership is tantamount to eternal freedom. Europeans arrived on our shores centuries ago, and using racism as a weapon to dispossess and rob Africans of their land, and automatically installed themselves as principals of excellence and rulers of all they survey. It for this reason that if you go anywhere where black people own the land of their country, they are less likely to be treated with disrespect and insolence. Basically, anyone who owns their land, minerals and the economy at large, Europe does not insult.

Based on my summation above, despite the expected grievances from Uncle Toms and their masters, if blacks within South Africa value their prosperity, eternal liberty and serenity, they ought to take their land back. Those who invoke the freedom charter and the Constitution do so to mislead the populace and to protect the status quo. People who can afford to build ‘private dams’ to store billions and billions of litres of water do so because they ‘own’ the land. It should be kept in mind that when land was taken from its rightful owners by foreigners from Europe, it was taken with a barrel of the gun. Anyone who resisted or opposed the mighty British and Dutch was met with brute force and killed like a dog. Never did they invite the rightful owners of the land to engage in a civil discussion to purchase the land. It was brutally taken from us. So why should we engage in meaningless and fruitless discussions? It is about time we stood up to take back what is rightfully and naturally ours – by any means necessary. Kgotsong!

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